What I Offer…

I'm a personal trainer for your mind. So whatever mental fitness goals you have - increased confidence, resilience or self-belief, better focus and productivity, less stress, anxiety and worry - I can guide you through the program of mental practices and exercises that will get you there.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I'm committed to constantly honing my skills and exploring the most up-to-date research across a variety of useful fields: hypnosis, positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, mindfulness, philosophy etc. I use this constant learning to streamline processes and get results for my clients as quickly as possible.

Things I like…

Learning new things. Making creative connections. Hanging out with my daughter. My amazing girlfriend. Finding great tunes. Scratching records. Long-form podcasts. Unexplained phenomena. Cosmology. Nature. Snooker. Chess.

Member Testimonials

  • I've seen Wills 4sight on two separate occasions. He is great at getting you to think about how your mind can put up barriers and how you can break these down by freeing your imagination. Great to challenge those fears that are holding you back. Thanks for the insights Will
  • Asked Will to provide some entertainment for our 25th anniversary of our business. He had our guests dumbfounded in his ability to read their minds.
  • I saw Will at the 4NDoncasterLunch Launch yesterday (19/4/16). Great performance and truly enlightening 4Sight. It's amazing what the mind can believe and Will clearly demonstrated this with an able and enthusiastic member of the audience! (Neil Maycock of Digital Impact Solutions). Thanks, Will.

What I do

  • Author Presenter & Public Speaker
  • Hypnotist
  • Positive Psychology Expert

My Stats

Last online 2nd Aug 2019
Member since 9th Aug 2013
Number of testimonials 5
Meetings attended 294
4N ranking 2557 in the UK

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