What I Offer…
The Vegan Kitchen is family run business located near Newcastle upon Tyne England, all our products are freshly homemade. We offer all of the best quality vegan foods that you will find anywhere, all our foods are lovingly prepared with 100% organic ingredients that has been freshly picked just for you. None of our foods have nasty chemicals, colourants or additives only mother natures finest.
We believe there is not enough vegan or vegetarians foods out there in the market, this is something we hope to change by offering our products to everyone. You do not have to be vegan or vegetarian to try these, in fact over 40% of our customer are nether vegan or vegetarian.
Although the number of vegan and vegetarian options available in supermarkets, restaurants and pubs have increased, it is still fairly difficult to find quality foods that that are non-meat based, in fact like most people with plant based diets I feel a little suspicious when purchasing these foods.
These foods can be bought for your lunch time or to eat immediately, we also offer catering services for occasions and events.
At the Vegan Kitchen we pride ourselves that we don’t have any meat or dairy products on the premises unlike a vegetarian option in a restaurant were the fruit and vegetables share same preparation space and the meat, this may not sound like a major concern but from a health and safty point of view meat contaminates everything it comes in contact with, something to think about next time your order veg meal.
We pride ourselves on our cruelty free, organic and eco friendly menu that has been developed over decades, our recipes are second to none.
Our menu includes dishes from many cultures including Chinese, Italian, Indian and German, hundreds of products including pies, pasties, tarts, jams, cakes, curries, pastas and so on we are always working on our selection of foods and will be looking to extend our range even further in the future.
Purpose of this website.
The purpose of the vegan kitchen web site is two fold, firstly to show what we have to offer in terms of products and services,  secondly as a vegan information resource, this may come in the form of a informative documentary maybe a vegan based recipe or two.
Now for the important stuff.
I am registered with North Tyneside Council, I hold a level 2 in food safety, my kitchen has been inspected, and I have been awarded a 4* food rating, I am also insured with public liability insurance.
Why I’m good at what I do…
I feel passionately about environmental issues, animal welfare and health, so its no coincidence that I am vegan. Myself along with my family are vegans and have been developing vegan recipes for generations.
I am a 20 year old female business student at Northumbria University, I have been faced with many opportunities over the past few years that could have lead to an amazing income for my future, although very tempting I did not feel that that was the path that I wanted to tread, I wanted to start a business that ethics dominated over profit, I asked myself could I make a difference no matter how small, could I improve diets of people and educated them to the damage meat based products can cause to the environment, the answer was an overwhelming YES. The Vegan Kitchen was born..

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