What I Offer…

Improving * performance in business and personal life* by creating a confidential, safe space to transform negative self-belief and fear so that you can do the things which will take you forward to achieve your goals and desires.

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have been working with people for over 20 years and I bring the experience of my previous senior position in the corporate world to the* personal development* process.

I have developed a highly effective protocol which uncovers the sub conscious fears and negative self-beliefs which cause people to sabotage themselves. Working with my clients, I identify the block, transform it and create a *motivation to succeed *which is unencumbered.

Things I like…

Being a witness to another person's personal growth and achievement.

Outside of work fashion, men's tailoring, cars, aeroplanes, travel, food and many kinds of music.

Member Testimonials

  • After a recent session with Elaine, I just could not remove a smile from my face, that's the effect of working with Elaine. Every time we have session another layer comes off me. I will be honest it has been the inner journey into the subconscious mind, unknown at first, feeling much relieved after.
  • During a consultation to learn how Elaine helps people, we discussed my business. Elaine used Kinesiology, Bach remedies and affirmations (explaining what she was doing at every step) to help me move my business forward even more. Now I have a massively renewed energy for my business. It really works!
  • I just wanted to say Meeting Elaine at Rye 4N she is such a great networker and such an inspiring passionate lady and very educated in what she does. Looking forward to my session soon.

What I do

  • Performance Therapy
  • Personal Branding

My Stats

Last online 27th May 2020
Member since 24th Jan 2014
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Meetings attended 252
4N ranking 62 in the UK