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Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire by Steve the Barman from Thirst First

Bartender Hire and Cocktail Barman Hire by Steve the Barman from Thirst First

Create the WOW factor with Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire by Steve the Barman from Thirst First

Premium Brands with Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire by Steve the Barman from Thirst First

A Cocktail Masterclass by Steve the Barman from Thirst First

Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire and Bartender Hire by Steve the Barman from Thirst First


Why I’m good at what I do…

Thirst First was launched by Steve the Barman…ME…in October 2012. 

After a 17 year career working, running and managing Pubs and Bars in Cambridgeshire, Essex and London, self-teaching myself cocktails along the way, I decided that I wanted something different. I’d spent a few years during this time in Cambridge University, where out of term, we were running big outside Bars for Weddings, Conferences and Balls. Turns out, I enjoyed this waaaay more than actually working in the same environment and same customer’s week in, week out. I won’t lie, the manual labour involved is a lot more and "Event Bartending" is a whole different ball game to working behind the same bar day in, day out…but I fell in love. After a few years of thinking and saving, I quit the “real Job” and Thirst First was launched.  

The first 2.5 years were spent building up my reputation and a little bit of looking over my shoulder at the other Mobile Bars out there. However half way through year 3, someone said something to me. “You really don’t have any competition…you are your own USP. No one can provide the service you provide”. That had a resounding effect on me. My true passion was born and suddenly I felt comfortable with NOT trying to grow the business.

Instead of chasing bigger and bigger events, competing with the big players, I spent 2016 purposely niching down into the smaller events. The Pay Bars for 100+ went, now 90% of our bookings are for 20-50 people, whether they be house parties or the smaller corporate events.  Why?! Well because with larger events I didn't get a chance to chat to guests, to know their names and make friends. I didn't get to find out what they like, or to recommend drinks...and to go off menu which I tend to do a fair bit, just to please people! Everything was just head down and serve.

What we now deliver is a truly personal Mobile Cocktail Bar and Bartender Hire service. Full of fun, colour and lively banter. I love making you feel special. I love the looks on guests faces when they see whats in store. That look of WOW and excitement.  If you want the black shirt and bow tie brigade, then honestly, that’s really cool. But if you want someone with personality and a truly unique USP, drop me or the team a line. I’ll do our very best to help you out. And if we can’t, I’ll quite happily recommend one of my friends at the big companies that can. After all, you don’t survive 22 years in the hospitality industry without being awesome at Customer Service!


Much Love
StB x


Thirst First Stats; 
(as of 31/12/2016)

  • 548 Events catered for since Launch in 2012.
  • 80,000+ Cocktails served, including 25,000+ Porn Star Martini’s. That’s 6250+ Passion Fruits and nearly 1000 bottles of Absolut Vanilia!
  • 110kg of Mint and 2000 Bottles of Havana 3yo Rum used for Mojitos.
  • Well over 35,000kg of Ice used to shake and serve Cocktails!  That's 35+ Tonnes!
  • Cocktail Shakers dropped…1.
  • Weirdest Event Location…right next to a Gorilla in the Natural History Museum!
  • Largest Event...640 guests
  • Smallest Event...8 guests
  • Celebrities served...19.
  • Royalty served...2...as in PROPER Royalty!
  • Late Night McDonalds, Burger Kings or KFCs…1 (this week)
  • Friends made...LOADS


Member Testimonials

  • Whilst I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make cocktails, the most important thing I took away from Steve's 4sight was how much you can gain from others whilst networking. Not only inspirational it was full of really practical ideas and advice. A fabulous 4sight to catch if you can.
  • Steve is an honest, kind and generous person who will help you in need. He is fun and has a lot of knowledge in his field and beyond. Thank you for your support. #STBOfficialFan
  • Steve provided a mobile cocktail bar for a surprise family party. His communication was brilliant and he MADE the event. We are still getting people saying how awesome his drinks were. Was a pleasure to use his services and I can't recommend him highly enough. Give your event a twist BOOK HIM NOW!
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What I do

  • Mobile Cocktail Bar
  • Pub & Bar Training and Consultancy
  • Bartender Hire
  • Private Events
  • Corporate Events

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