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  • John is a True Gentleman - Always a pleasure to chat to, he is Very knowledgeable in Financial Services, especially pensions - Give him a shout if you are looking for any Financial Advice...
  • Officially the most experienced networker I've ever met! A complete legend in the local networking circuit. A true gentleman who's a pleasure to have on our team at 4N. If you know someone who goes to more network meetings than John, I won't believe you.
  • John is an amazing man. He is part of the 4N team at Wigan and is completely reliable. John is a man of his word and if he says he will do something you can be sure he will do it. You can be confident that if you are working with John he will ensure you get the best service.
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My Stats

Last online 12th May 2020
Member since 12th Mar 2014
Number of testimonials 8
Meetings attended 343
4N ranking 63 in the UK