What I Offer…

Healer for both humans and animals, including Dogs, Horses, Cats and any other animals who require healing.

I run a world renowned Kennel, Bowerhinton of Norwegian Elkhound and have been a top breeder in the UK for a number of years.

  • When I was despairing that one of my cats would never let me touch them again, Treena gave me brilliant advice that immediately worked. If your animals need either physical or mental health care I'd totally recommend her
  • I would like to thank Treena for her helping me to actually board a plane without feeling sick, being a regular to travel I always dreaded the flying, after spending tine in Treena,s capable hands I actually enjoyed my recent flight for my holiday, I can recommend her for your phobias
  • Treena gave me some excellent advice recently with regards our Labrador. She clearly understands the Canine Psychology, was keen to listen to our challenges and offered great advice. She is extremely approachable and a pleasure to deal with.
  • What I do

    • Animal Healing
    • Animal health
    • Natural Animal Health & Wellbeing
    • Personal Healing

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