What I Offer…

As a coach and trainer drawing on positive psychological theories and techniques, I help address workplace problems that prevent people (individuals and teams) being effective and performing well at work, that may be regarding professional motivation and development, and/or that impact work-life balance, mental and physical health for work.  

Objectives of coaching and training are:

  • to identify and explore issues regarding, eg, skills, personality traits and behaviours, beliefs and values, work and non-work life conflict and relationships;
  • to investigate options and solutions required in terms of training and resources;
  • to outline and implement action plans that make for positive sustained changes and to move forward
  • to learn and practice psychological skills, eg mindfulness, resilience, to protect and sustain mental health which underpins work performance and development

Results are:

  • enhanced work performance, optimise your effectiveness;
  • enhanced work development, reach your full potential;
  • enhanced workplace well-being, keep healthy and resourceful
  • positive impact on business operation and success

I am looking for the following connections:

  • people who would be interested in one-to-one coaching sessions for themselves and/or colleagues
  • people who are business owners/executives, who manage a team(s), or who are part of a team which would be interested in team coaching sessions and/or training workshops
  • HR professionals, Occupational Health professionals, Learning & Development professionals, who work in companies which would be interested in incorporating coaching and training into their organisations, eg as part of existing leadership and management development programmes, as a follow-up to appraisals/reviews, as part of a change management programme, to support career development and/or role transitions including outplacement/retirement
  • HR consultants, Business Psychologists, who would be interested in associating with Pelican BP with a view to offering a joint portfolio of services 
Why I’m good at what I do…
  • 18 years in business management in the Defence, Aerospace & Security industry
  • MSc in Organisational Psychology from City University London


Member Testimonials

  • Sarah is no ordinary Business Psychologist, she's extraordinary. I had been grappling with an important business decision and Sarah applied sound methodology and process in facilitating a definitive outcome. She's intelligent, perceptive and an empathetic listener. I recommend her services to all!

What I do

  • Training individuals teams organisations
  • Work performance development well-being
  • Positive psychology in the workplace
  • Mental strength training

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