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Nick Blatchley Copywriting can meet your copywriting needs, whatever they are. I particularly specialise in writing website content and company blogs, but I can also write newsletters, brochures, articles, social media content or even your online profile. You name it, I'll write it.

So why would you want someone to write for you? We can all write, can't we? Well, I can change a plug, but I wouldn't try to rewire my house. In the same way, if you want the content of your website, blog, newsletter or whatever to grab your customers and stop them from moving on to the next company, you need a professional.

I've been writing all my life and I've been published extensively, both fiction and and non-fiction. I love researching subjects I'm unfamiliar with and getting the nuances of different voices. I can write whatever you need and make it feel that it comes from you, however obscure. I've written authoritatively on construction, having a baby and the economy of Finland, and I can be an expert on your company's work.

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Why I’m good at what I do…

I grew up in Cheshunt, in Hertfordshire's Lea Valley and, although I've lived in London, Enfield, Luton and Staffordshire, I've ended just up the road in Hoddesdon. After graduating from Keele University in Greek and English, I worked in a variety of sectors: mainly bookselling, residential care and media monitoring, although I've done stints in everything from engineering to fast food, not to mention briefly as an artist's model.

I've been a writer all my life. I wrote my first "book" when I was four, and I appear to have already known words like "parashootist" and "obtikal illoshan". I've had fiction (including a novel), articles and poetry published from many outlets, and I've also done a good deal of poetry performance, often backed with my own music. During the 1990s, I performed a good deal at the legendary Soho coffee-house Bunjies, which has also seen performances from the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and David Bowie.

After being made redundant from my job as a media monitor, as a result of the recession, I found it difficult to get another job and decided to market my talents more directly instead. Writing seemed the obvious option. I love researching obscure topics for articles, as well as capturing other people's voices in fiction, both of which transfer naturally to copywriting. With the help of the excellent enterprise training company Wenta, I started trading in March 2014.

When I'm not busy with one or another type of writing or maintaining the business, I enjoy music, especially folk, rock and blues, studying history, fellwalking, and also cricket, though only as a spectator.

What I do

  • Small Business Copywriting And Blogging
  • Blog writer and Copywriting
  • Article & Blog Post Writing
  • Blog writer and Copywriting
  • Content Creation / Copywritting

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