What I Offer…

Private Practice in Chester Business Park, Oxton Village Birkenhead and Liverpool Exchange Flags.  Providing solutions for the management or resolution of both emotional and physical illness, helping people to overcome problems, habits, symptoms, fears, phobias, anxiety, low self esteem and all of the related issues they cause. Also including goal setting, improving performance, achieving success, health and happiness.

I help people to develop towards resilience and moving forward in both their private and their business lives. This can be effected via 1-1 training and development or in a group/workshop/seminar environment. Skype or Facetime courses are also available.

My work involves helping Adults, Children and Teenagers to discover ways of changing whatever it is they need to change in order to be happy, successful and motivated in order to meet life's challenges head on. Clinical (Applied Positive) Hypnosis is a useful and effective way of effecting a short term goal. Sometimes more in depth solutions are necessary and for that we would embark upon the Thrive Programme. 

Part of my work also involves giving talks and presentations and doing training seminars for companies, groups and charities on various subjects such as Treating Children, Stress Managent etc. I am happy to create bespoke training for businesses, clubs, charities and organisations. Sometimes that involves collaboration and currently I am running workshops in conjunction with KMW Training on confidence boosting and maintaining, public speaking with confidence and confidence for teenagers.

I always conduct a free initial chat so that both myself and my client can work out a way forward which is individual to their particular needs. 

The Thrive programme concentrates on learning how to improve your levels of self esteem,lower your social anxiety and teaches you to build up an Internal Locus of Control (how centred you feel and how you view experiences either externally or internally, how much you are effected by external, unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances). We also have special Thrive programmes for teenagers, smokers and people with Emetophobia (Specific Fear of Vomiting). Once you have started to change your belief system into a more empowering one then the symptoms you have been creating or suffering from either disappear or at the very least are alleviated.

For Children there is a special session called 'The Blowaway' combined with some of the Thrive elements adapted to the age of the child. This gentle session/sessions allows children to draw a line under what has gone before without disclosure so that they can move on into their future with more knowledge about how their thinking affects them and a technique they can use whenever the need arises. www.thrivewithpat.com


Why I’m good at what I do…

I grew up on the Wirral  and  returned in 2013 to the area after 30 plus years away and am married with two daughters and four grand-daughters. I have always had a natural interest in what makes people tick and, after many years in the travel and banking industries, decided to study hypnotherapy. Having qualified in Pure Hypnoanalysis in 2004 and 2 years later achieved my advanced diploma I straight away started out in my private practice in Hereford.  I love my job so much that it doesn't actually feel like work and my clients are so varied, interesting and unique that it is never boring.

I have been involved with the Thrive programme since its inception and am committed to ongoing training and study in both fields. If I were to describe myself it would be to say that I have a no nonsense, down to earth, humerous but caring attitude which helps my clients to achieve their full potential or overcome their symptoms. My offices are in Chester, Liverpool and Birkenhead. Creating bespoke workshops for organisations, companies, clubs and charities are also something I love to do, the positive feedback which I get is the very reason I continue to do so.

Outside of my work I love to spend time with my family, walking, drumming in a Brazillian Samba Band, singing with Rock Choir and enjoying rediscovering the beauty of Wirral, Liverpool, Chester and surrounding areas. As well as my passion for my work I also have a passion for travelling and seeing new places and cultures and my aim is to continue doing both of those in equal measures!

What I do

  • Personal Development and Corporate Training
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Inspirational Speaker & Business Mentor
  • Business coaching and advice

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