What I Offer…

Sales doesn't have to be a chore especially when you learn to love it.

You have a brilliant service or product but you're not sure how to get it to market.

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Why I’m good at what I do…

27 years in sales and marketing, I cut through the BS and find a route to market fast

Things I like…

Food, good company, walks on the beach oh wait it's not a dating site.

I love connecting with people and enjoy celebrating their successes

Member Testimonials

  • Michael is a Rockstar - such a nice guy to chat to, very friendly and helpful and genuinely cares about people - he can massively help you Literally transform your business! Always made to feel welcome, and he makes you feel like you've known him for ages!!
  • Michael's 4Sight is one of the best I have seen. Fun, engaging and practical - he had the whole group participating, interacting and enjoying themselves! I would highly recommend Michael for speaking or 4Sighting for your business or group.
  • What an incredible guy Michael is !! What he doesnt know about sales and marketing isnt even worth knowing. Michael completely dissected my business and re-created the perfect service within a very short space of time and now I'm far clearer than I ever have been on my business direction. Thank you!
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What I do

  • Helping the introverted love sales
  • Business brainstorm
  • Marketing strategy 

My Stats

Last online 14th May 2020
Member since 15th Aug 2014
Number of testimonials 8
Meetings attended 116
4N ranking 73 in the UK

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