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White Tiger are passionate about the power of people focused systems and dedicated to making Quality a priority in every organisations strategy. Our mission is to enable companies to carry out their processes more efficiently and empowering people to give the best strive for continuous improvement. We develop lasting relationships built on trust, giving expert knowledge support at the right level for the company. 
We work with all size companies including single person organisations who want to grow or franchise. 

An effective quality management system can provide a clear purpose for your business and consistency in the way your operations are run. When written just with your business in mind it can fire up people’s enthusiasm and get them engaged. 

Having the comforting knowledge that you are in the hands of experts that understand you and your business makes a big difference. You design your business for you and everything you adopt must add value and work for you. 

White Tiger can help you 
To gain a clear understanding or your core business process and supporting resources enabling you to 
document the structure and work system 
To manage your documentation, traceability needs and issue control 
To install a Quality Management system and gain ISO9001 accreditation 
To implement and support an ongoing continuous improvement program 
To install a paperless system including shop floor applications and technical drawing needs 
To manage & implement your internal audit program, maintain relationships with UKAS bodies and give 
you support on audit days 
To improve your customer service and relationships 

Member Testimonials

  • I have worked with Angela on several projects.Her in depth knowledge of business processes would benefit any company that wants the structure to build their sales growth on . Her commitment to quality management is based on years of practical experience and a sound understanding of the principles.

What I do

  • Quality Managment
  • Business Process Development
  • Business Systems
  • ISO9001

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