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Transitions Uk is a registered Chartity specifically set up in 2014 to tackle the huge issues facing young people in our society. I am Chair of Trustees.

We work especially with young people with special needs and disabilities, young people with emotional and mental health needs and young people at risk of exclusion or offending, or those leaving care.

Initially, we will be working across Herts, Beds and Bucks and into North London - but our vision and ambition is to become a nationally based charity working with thousands of young people every year. This is year 1 and we expect to work with around 70 young people and around the same number of volunteers this year. We have joined 4 networking because we need all the support we can get to establish the charity and develop its potential. Please get in touch if you can help.


Why I’m good at what I do…

I am passionately committed to supporting those young people who most struggle to  move forward in their lives. I founded Transitions UK in 2014 specifically too address the needs facing what is being called a lost generation of young people. 

I have worked extensively within the Voluntary Sector and sought always to do two things (or is it four?). I want to build a better world and to make it possible for people to achieve their full and best potential. I want to challenge the attitudes and poor practices that hold us back from making that happen and to champion the cause of those who are making a difference.

I need your help - your time, your financial support, your contacts, your know-how. Whatever you can offer and however much or little you can give. I need four capable and committed Trustees to join the present team of five. I need county ambassadors to represent us across the region. I need volunteers to participate in events and to organise events for us.

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