What I Offer…

I offer a uniqe service , where you get a chance to brag, boast etc about what you do!. I provide animated logos tcalled Whirlygigs hat bookcase your video content, plus I offer Couch Interviews which are short promo videos, where you talk about your business and why people should use, I attach a Whirlygig to the video and post it all over Social Media.. All this can be done without leaving your home or place of work or me coming to you, ooh intriguing! 

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Why I’m good at what I do…

I am a solicitor by profession. I have worked in private practice specialising in in Professional Negligence and Mortgage Fraud. I then moved into  various in-house including representing DSG Group (PCWorld/Currys) in the Small Claims Court. I also worked for Which? assisting, members with their court case.  In recent years I worked at The Solicitors Regulation Authority, where I investigated serious cases of misconduct and fraud.

I have decided to throw away my tie and embark on an entrepreneurial and networking path and never looked back! 

Member Testimonials

  • I met Howard at the Leamington Spa breakfast meeting and he very kindly offered to video me talking about my business and post the film on Facebook.He was so kind and generous with his time and I have shared the video on my business page. Thank you Howard.
  • Howard made a Whirly Gig for my business which was well thought of and in line with my target audience and to get the message across to potential clients. He was professional at all times even though I may have been difficult requesting many changes till the product was finished.
  • Howard hides his light under a bushel but what he doesn't tell you is that he's a great marketer, very innovative and his Couch Interviews and Whirlygigs are a brilliant addition to anyone's online presence. I can recommend his services to anyone who needs to speak about their business.
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What I do

  • Video Communications & Video Marketing
  • Internet Video Creation & Publishing
  • Marketing & Video Production

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Last online 29th Oct 2018
Member since 2nd Oct 2014
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Meetings attended 247

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