What I Offer…

To work with you people need to understand you and your business. This takes more than 100 characters or 40 seconds. I can write blogs, web and email content, articles, press and anything else that strings words ina row to get your message across.

Selling Service can help any size company, from being a small or micro business's main marketing resource to helping larger firms project manage sales and marketing campaigns. I can research a specialist or new area and formulate a plan to capitalise on it.

Sales process is key to being on top of your leads and enquiries. With experience of many types of CRM, and order processing systems I can advise you on the best way to make the most of your sales pipeline.

I can set up and manage Linkedin profiles and company pages and get your message out to your network. I can also work on your Social Media presence and media coverage with extensive contacts in the specialist press in many sectors.

Why I’m good at what I do…

After working in and managing sales and marketing teams for over 20 years I escaped to do some real work. Having bought the teeshirt, sold it again, and all points in between, including the customer wanting to return a used tee shirt, there are very few sales or marketing issues I haven't come across.
I have experience of a number of CRM systems, and can help you build a process that works with your system to achieve sales growth. Remember that a system is not the software, it is the infrastructure and people that surround it.

I have been writing for several years providing blogs, web and email content press releases, case studies and anything else that needs words strung in a row for clients in a range of industries. I also write a regular music blog and for several music websites and magazines.

Things I like…

I have lived in Clevedon for 25 years (not always in a shed), and been in business for 5years (always in a shed). After 20 years working for a couple of large family firms, I then found myself in a huge corporation, at which time I decided to run away and do some real work.

When I'm not working, music is my main interest (or obsession according to some), archaeology (armchair), old cars, sports? Cycling and Cricket, but not Football or Rugby, books, films, not bothered by T.V. prefer radio. I buy too many magazines.

Top 5 albums (this week)
Steely Dan:Aja,
Santana: Moonflower,
Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus,
Over The Rhine: Ohio,
Bill Nelson: Sound On Sound

Top 5 books (ever)
Robert Byron: Road To Oxiana,
Iain M Banks: Excession,
Geoffrey Bibby: Looking for Dilmun,
Robert Palmer: Deep Blues,
Douglas Adams: Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy

Latest hobby, exploiting my daughter's pets for business purposes

Member Testimonials

  • Tim happened to mention in a 40 Seconds that he could help and advise how not be to *stood silently in the corner* on the business networking platform LinkedIn. He offers a free 30 minutes and gave me a free 45-50 minutes, imparting sage tips and pointers on how to get better at it. Thanks Tim.
  • Tim thank you very much for your help and input on Tuesday you really came up with some sharp angles to get the word out there about Chivers Design & Print Management you really made me aware of how to get the word out there. If you want a fresh look at how to promote your business Tim is the MAN

What I do

  • Writing for you and your business
  • Sales and marketing consultancy
  • Sales Process and CRM support

My Stats

Last online 1st Jun 2020
Member since 11th Oct 2014
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Meetings attended 215
4N ranking 225 in the UK

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