Member Testimonials

  • I recently attended a workshop run by Janine on reducing stress, increasing success which I thoroughly enjoyed! It was really insightful -the way Janine combined science and knowledge with helpful practical tools and techniques meant I could put them into practice myself and benefit straight away
  • Last year i was struggling with anxiety around studying for my canine massage career but just 3 of Janine's EFT sessions removed these self-limiting beliefs from my subconscious and i caught up with my studies in a short amount of time, feeling much better about them and my own abilities. Thanks J9
  • Janine is a fantastic coach and speaker who uses her life-experience in the best possible way to help her clients. She can really empathise with people because she's been through it herself. A brilliant person to know.
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What I do

  • Corporate Stress Busting
  • Coach/Clinical Hypnotherapist /EFT Practitioner
  • Business and Lifestyle Coach/Mentor

My Stats

Last online 5th Mar 2019
Member since 3rd Nov 2014
Number of testimonials 11
Meetings attended 256
4N ranking 2220 in the UK