What I Offer…

Hello all! Here is a little bit about what I do.

I work on a one-one basis with private clients and I run various workshops including stress management, resiliance and confidence workshops. 

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.

My background includes a degree in Applied Psychology (BSc Hons) and I have over 14 years experience of working with clients with a wide range of issues including emotional traumas, mental health issues and drugs and alcohol addictions.

I work with a variety of issues including, depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood traumas, phobias, weight loss, hypno-birthing, public speaking, confidence and goal targetting. 

I use a combination of therapies to enable fast, effective and permanent changes in a safe environment. Limiting beliefs and negative patterns are addressed at the root cause to eliminate whatever the issue is that the client would like resolving. I teach tools to facilitate positive changes, whereby old programmes are eradicated at a subconscious level enabling life changing results.

I have a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT certified at Level 2 and Diploma in NLP. I trained at the TARA school for Hypnotherapy and by EFT Master, Tania Prince. I am a the registered hypnotherapist under the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and a member of Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy

Techniques (AAMET). I have regular Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to maintain and improve my level of skills and professional competence in accordance with the requirements of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and AAMET.

If you would like to ask any questions or arrange a consultation, please feel free to message me. I can arrange sessions on a one-one basis and via Skype.

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Also feel free to check out my website too for more information -  http://www.changeforsuccess.co.uk/

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I look forward to hearing from you!


Member Testimonials

  • Last year i was struggling with anxiety around studying for my canine massage career but just 3 of Janine's EFT sessions removed these self-limiting beliefs from my subconscious and i caught up with my studies in a short amount of time, feeling much better about them and my own abilities. Thanks J9
  • Janine is a fantastic coach and speaker who uses her life-experience in the best possible way to help her clients. She can really empathise with people because she's been through it herself. A brilliant person to know.
  • Janine, has a warmth and energy that draws you in. Her story is powerful and has shaped how she now helps people step into themselves. A safe, strong pair of hands for those who know life should be easier. Highly recommended.
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What I do

  • Corporate Stress Busting
  • Coach/Clinical Hypnotherapist /EFT Practitioner
  • Business and Lifestyle Coach/Mentor

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