Why I’m good at what I do…

I am Lynda Clarke I live in Sandbach with my partner Kurt Bradbury and between us we have 4 children. Kurt and I set up our Asset Finance business almost 3 years ago. Between us we over 35 years experience in Finance, Banking and Insurance. We both left our Corporate roles almost 3 years ago; our company vision is for our customers to Grow, Thrive and Survive. We build personal relationships with our customers with the aim to grow an sustainable business. We wish to be fair in all our dealing and provide a fair price for our customers with regards to the rates we offer. As the premises we oeprate from are owned outright by ourselves we have very little overheads so we can offer very competive rates. We do not adertise our serives and our referals come from word of mouth but mainly the relationships we build with accountants.

What I do

  • Asset Finance & Refinance
  • Cashflow Finance
  • Cashflow Solutions
  • Invoice Financing

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