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I coach and mentor family businesses to avoid conflict, make more money and plan for a better future

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After 30 years of running a busy convenience store It was time to sell that business to do something different. In the final few years in that business I had lost my drive which I put down to boredom but it turned out what really happened was my motivators were not being met. I found this out by completing a motivational map which is similar to a psychometric test but different in that our motivators change over time where as our personalities tend not to.

I now coach business owners to get the best from their business and not to fall into the trap that I did. When you are fulfilling your motivators you have more energy which leads to better performance and subsequently to healthier life. I use motivational maps with all my clients, if you're interested in completing a map please contact me

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STOP PRESS I'm now an motivational maps youth licensed practitioner, if you would like a better understanding of the teenagers in your life, a youth motivational maps will give you the answers.

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What I do

  • Family Business Transition Specialist
  • family businesses and process improvements
  • Motivational Map Practitioner/Trainer
  • Leadership Coaching and Training

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