What I Offer…

Utility Warehouse Discount Club has been around now for 20 years, since 1997. Built on word of mouth recommendation, this FTSE250 British Plc has supplied essential services to both residential and business properties, providing crucial savings to both.

With Joanna Lumley as Associated Ambassador, an Award Winning Customer Service Team based in London, and Which? naming it as the UKs No.1 provider, it can only get BIGGER AND BETTER!

The Award Winning Discount Club itself supplies gas, electric, landline, broadband, mobile and house insurance services to over 700,000 happy club members.

The ability to reduce our utility bills every single month with the amazing cashback card is the "jewel in the crown".  Many members save hundreds of pounds a year just by doing their normal everyday shopping, whereby cashback is deducted off the monthly utility bill.

FREE LED lightbulbs are saving members around 15% extra on their electricity bills.

The fact that Utility Warehouse do not waste money on advertising, but give families all over the UK a risk free opportunity to build a secure financial future by recommending the Club to friends, relatives, work colleagues and anyone who wants to save money, is an incredible added bonus.

Thousands of business owners, self employed, retired, university students etc have grabbed the opportunity and are changing their lives.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Hi to everyone.

My name is Sue. I live near a little fishing village close to the Trafford Centre called St Retford (its really Stretford, but it sounds posher)!

I started my main working life as a legal secretary, bringing up two young children on my own. It wasn't easy at all, but with great supportive parents, I kept going.

Bought my first home when I was 30. A bit later than some people, but it was definitely an achievement on my part.

I always provided for my boys and did everything possible to bring them up well.

Then when I hit around 32, stress and anxiety got the better of me and I had to come away from the work I loved - suited and booted - dealing with multi million pound contracts and on a really good earner - to working as a shop assistant in the local butchers and an apron. Definitely a shock to my system and to my confidence for a time as the anxiety limited my potential and belief in myself, and stopped me at that time looking to better myself and move on.

After a few years I felt I could move on to an office job, but only for my dad's friend as I could not take stress and I couldnt deal with normal bright computers. He was a bacon wholesaler in Trafford Park and I ran the office - just me - and a workload of old blokes who worked in the fridges.  And that took 6 years of my life !

The great thing about that (and I believe things happen for a reason) was I met my present partner John. We have been together 7 years now and he has helped me to believe I can do anything.

In 2011 I realised I had to make changes to my life as I knew my job was not secure, I had no pension, I was missing time with my family, and I knew that there was more to life than sitting in a pokey office room in the middle of Trafford Park.

My cousin introduced me to a great way of making money around my day job. When people talk about "financial freedom" you can laugh it off thinking that it cant be possible. But he had it.....and was living his life how he wanted to live it.  I wanted some of that.

That is when I joined the amazing world of Network Marketing.  I had never heard of this kind of thing before but the more I looked into it, the more I thought - WHAT AN FANTASTIC WAY TO WORK.  I was really sceptical at the time but John had said to me....."what have you got to lose". So I joined this FTSE250 British Plc company that was changing peoples lifes by helping people save money and showing people how to make money.

Skip forward now to present time, and I bless that day in February 2011, when my cousin introduced me to the way forward, because redundancy hit me 3 times along the way.

But now in 2017, I am happy with my partner, I am happy with my home, I still work a couple of days a week for an old boss (but on my terms), I now have the privilege of being a company trainer for UWDC, so I get the pleasure of not only building my financial future, but also I get to help others on their journey.  Nothing in life is easy, but if you are willing to work at something because you want to make your life better, then anything is possible.

I am now a grandma to 2 fantastic little grandsons. Roman has cystic fibrosis and I build my business to make sure that I get to spend as much time with him as possible, and also because of PASSIVE INCOME, i get to build a legacy that I can leave my grandsons when I am no longer around.  I love what I do.......and I love helping others.  And that is what network marketing is about.....you help enough people get where they want to go in their lives, and in return - you get where you want to go !!  PERFECT !


What I do

  • Broadband Mobiles & Energy at Home
  • Business and Residential Energy and Telephony
  • Business and Residential Telephony and Energy
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneur Training

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