Why I’m good at what I do…

Sales, football, punk rock, TT bikes, mud runs, have a one to one with me to find out more

  • I sent a couple of my clients on a cold calling training course that Julie ran. They were absolutely delighted and really impressed with it. They have started to use their new skills which reflects well on her. I am happy to recommend Julie. She is great at her job and a lovely woman.
  • I recently attended a one day sales training course. It was excellent and Julie was very friendly. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody looking to get some appointments in their diary!
  • Julie has transformed the Tamworth Group as GL - She leads her team by example and is a true winner!
  • What I do

    • Sales Consultancy
    • Events Management
    • Inhouse lead generation and Appointment setting

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    Last online 7th Sep 2018
    Member since 29th Jan 2015
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    Meetings attended 136

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