What I Offer…

Created in Bath specilise in creating an online presence for our clients that works around the clock, no matter where they are.

There are three distinct areas to what we do, all full services in their own right and extremly powerful when combined.


Discovering & Communicating the essence of your business


Putting your best foot forward in the online world


An integrated approach to creating traffic, building an audience and

Why I’m good at what I do…

The 50% of my Bio that is business

  • Good technical skills and knowledge across a range of IT disciplines, but I speak plain English (albeit with a slight Somerset accent). 
  • Creative thinker, grounded with solid business acumen. 
  • Skilled Manager and certified member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.
  • Certified member of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.
  • Continually learning and passing on the benefits to my colleagues, customers and friends. 

The 50% of my Bio that is fun

  • New(ish) Father
  • I've been hypnotised live on stage whilst at university, please don't click your fingers.
  • I'm not the Olympic Athlete. 
  • I like a good nights sleep ... if I can get one. 
  • I've made some great contacts and friends through 4N. 

Member Testimonials

  • We asked Created in Bath to re-design our website. Not only did they do a fantastic job by giving us something that looks good - the web site actually works. Within the first month, we started to receive genuine enquiries from people who wanted our services. Amazing! Stuart Gilbert

What I do

  • Branding & Digital
  • Website Design
  • Online Marketing

My Stats

Last online 21st Mar 2019
Member since 4th Feb 2015
Number of testimonials 1
Meetings attended 87
4N ranking 124912 in the UK

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