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Rude Health Training works with Businesses and individualsand provides the tools and skills where people learn how to improve thei ability to cope wth workplace issues and stress. Ie how to manage their thoughts and behaviours, improve their focus, creativity, productivity and relationships with colleagues, .

Understand that your response to an event is your choice, and choices bring with them responsibilities.

"Life cant make you happy, unless you want to be happy in your life" - learn life long skills on how to help recovery from lifes challenges and stresses and build RESILATUDE.

RESILATUDE ;  awaken the mind, and be responsible for yourlife; Be the architect of your recovery from challenges, by building robust attitudes, behaviours, thoughts and habits.



Why I’m good at what I do…

Please see myWeb page and LinkedIn profile for a full account. Happy to have a chat If you would like to find out more about what I do and how.

Thanks for looking and continue being your best :)

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Member Testimonials

  • Michele as a coach is multi-layered - she mixes her skills and knowledge with a depth of experience that allows you to move forward and on your terms. Her approach is refreshing and brings clarity and renewed confidence - strongly recommended. Robin Harwood
  • It is absolutely clear that you can confide in Michele with total confidence. She is a real expert and very professional. I trust Michele without bounds. She has no judgments and you know that anything you share with her will be kept guarded forever. Thank you for your time this morning!

What I do

  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • Health wellness
  • Mindfulness workshops
  • Corporate workshops
  • Group coaching

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