What I Offer…

"Simply life changing" is what many of my clients say. My coaching style gives people a safe space where they feel they can be brave enough to face the very thing that is stopping them from getting to where they want to be.  Some clients tell me they have told me things they cannot tell anyone else.  My clients also tell me that I am encouraging and supportive enough for them to find the courage to take those all-important first steps on their journey. Whilst being courageous enough to bring the challenge they desire.  I am a great advocate for what I term #LIFEworkbalance

I work with people from all sectors, my expertise lies with the person, not the sector they work in and I have great success with people from all walks of life, with no judgement.  I have recently worked with a client who is really successful, but something was holding him back from living his life fully, he tells me he now has his mojo back and both his business and personal life are benefiting.  Another client recently told me that I enable her to make a seismic shift in her life. 

I offer a free 30 minute sample session to anyone who is interested in beginning their coaching journey, click here to book yours today.  It could be a waste of 30 minutes of your time, but it could just change your life!

I have also recently published a book and I am the founder of a new social enterprise called Embrace PFC CIC, get in touch if you would like to know more.


Why I’m good at what I do…

A bit about me

Having faced adversity throughout my life has made me the coach I am today. I have always been motivated, determined and courageous, always striving to be the best I can be. This included unwavering self-belief along with setting and achieving goals, including travelling the world and running my own coaching practice. This means that my coaching comes from a place of knowing, both my clients and I find this is a huge asset. This means I have a huge amount of empathy, the ability to be non-judgemental and I'm pretty unshockable, this means that my clients can be fully themselves without fear of judgement. 

I have been coaching for over 10 years in many different areas; including not-for profit organisations, with people with acquired brain injuries and high risk offenders, through to business owners and managers and everyone in between. I started my career in finance, however I have always known I wanted to work with people, which brought me to coaching. 

I am also in my final year of my degree and a social entrepreneur, running a not-for profit organisation utilising my skills for social benefit with marginalised groups, bringing about real social change and long term benefit.

Areas of experience

Business, Business Start-Up, Career, Educational and Academic, Entrepreneurial, Financial, Getting Organised, Grief and Bereavement, Life, Management, Mid-Life, Public Speaking, Relationship, Time Management, Transitions, Work-Life Balance


Member Testimonials

  • Emma's skill can only really be appreciated by having a session with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to motivate and retain happy staff and colleagues, and for anyone looking to reboot their mojo. Give Emma a call now - you wont regret it.
  • After working with Emma over the last 14 weeks, I can honestly say that the help, support and advice she has given me has truly "changed my life". I have subsequently referred Emma to both friends and family and will have no hesitation in continuing to do so. Thank you Emma
  • Emma is a truly amazing person and an inspiration to those around her. Even a 1-2-1 at breakfast helped change my focus and mindset to look for the positives. Her travel book `You can't do that! WATCH ME!` is a fantastic read. Have a 1-2-1 with her, it could just change your life!
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What I do

  • Personal Empowerment Coach
  • Motivation and Coaching
  • I make your ideas happen
  • Inspirational Coach
  • Goal Mapping

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Last online 27th Jun 2020
Member since 6th May 2015
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