What I Offer…

Launched a FreakinGlobal Internet Radio station in 2017 , Duggystone Radio
we are an artist station promoting emerging artist and presenters. A range of shows from New country , Jazz, biker Shows, reggae and the sports show on a Saturday.

My mission is to change the perception of dyslexia so the more well known I can affect more people

We also provide Academy courses in things like Podcasting and presenting through to Beat-mastering mixing and setting up your own internet radio station.

Why I’m good at what I do…

From Manchester you'll notice the accent am sure when we meet.

Had a very varied background career wise and at 44 discovering I was dyslexic I

Quit My Job

Started a Biz

Went to Uni

Graduated in 2012 with a Masters Degree in "Global Entrepreneurship" which I am extremely proud of.

Father to 3 boys (you see my youngest networking with me Nathan) I am also a Grandad now.

I get a buzz from developing people seeing them grow and in turn the companies they work for .

My passion and mission is to encourage more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs, if you know a Dyslexic give them confidence "they will do the rest"

Things I like…

Music (yeah no shit) , video , riding my motorcycle to name a few

Member Testimonials

  • What Kirk does not know about internet radio and podcasts is not worth knowing... and now he offers workshops and support for business owners to have their own shows and podcasts its time you reached out and arranged a chat, or attend one of his workshops.
  • Kirk is a legend, someone I am proud to call a client, a friend and a fellow team member. He gives great business advice and his radio station, Duggystone Radio, is the only one I listen to regularly. Check out his business show in the mornings, if you're in business you need to check it out!
  • Thank you Kirk for kindly inviting me to speak on your radio show duggystoneradio.com about helping students with examination anxiety. Kirk is a great interviewer and put me at ease straight away. He has a generous spirit and is an all round, inspirational, top notch guy.
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What I do

  • Public Speaking
  • Dyslexia Awareness 
  • Podcast Training 
  • 4Networking Leader
  • Art Events

My Stats

Last online 20th Jun 2019
Member since 12th May 2015
Number of testimonials 14
Meetings attended 219
4N ranking 3378 in the UK

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