What I Offer…

I help you discover Vibrant Health through changing what you eat and how you eat and indroducing natural alternatives and therapies.

Member Testimonials

  • I highly recommend Clare's Magnetix jewellery. I got a Power Heart, the next day I used it on a bruise on my arm. The bruise was gone within 48 hours! My husband used it on a sore knee; pain was gone within a day. I bought a second heart for family emergencies! It also helps with hormone balance.
  • Clare gives a fabulous 4Sight with great tips about achieving a healthier lifestyle. She is extremely knowledgable and non judgemental.
  • Claire did the 4Sight at MK Lunch today and gave excellent tips about small changes which anyone can take away to improve their health which made excellent sense and really made you think. I would recommend getting Clare to 4Sight at other meetings as she really knows her subject.

What I do

  • Naturopathic Nutrition
  • Nutritional Coaching
  • Health & Nutrition through food
  • Holistic Health
  • Health and Wellbeing

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Last online 25th Jun 2019
Member since 21st May 2015
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Meetings attended 279
4N ranking 690 in the UK

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