What I Offer…

When you are struggling to build your business, the last thing you have time for, is building your business!  Let My Business Mum be your extra expert pair of hands to elevate your business to beyond your expectations.

We all struggle with ‘stuff’ at times.  What we need is to step back and look objectively at the situation and prioritise what is important and then make a plan to move forward.  The thing about My Business Mum is that not only will Kay coach you, she can also use her extensive therapy skills to help you remove any self-limiting beliefs and traumas that may be holding you back from achieving everything you wish for.

Kay has designed so many websites for so many years that she has lost count! Back when all sites were done in HTML, then FrontPage, then Dreamweaver and now the leading website content management system – WordPress.  Over 74 millions sites are now designed and managed using WordPress!  Companies like eBay, Sony, GM and UPS, to national news giants like Forbes, CNN, Reuters and The NYT, to tech tycoons like Samsung, IBM and TechCrunch are all using WordPress.
Whether you want Kay to create and maintain your site or ultimately you would like to take control of it, Kay will work with you to get a solution that suits you and your business.

Kay used to be a classroom Trainer and also managed a team of Trainers for a global Investment bank.  She has delivered training in a 1-1 setting and classes of u pto 250 people.  She is confident speaking in front of audieces and has the ability to communicate to get the lessage across and ensure people have a great understanding of what they need to learn,  She ensures that people are confident in the skills being taught whether it be something technical, like building a website or something very personal like confidence building.

Whatever you need, Kay has a massive 'can do' attitude, is completely flexible and is the person that everyone goes to for help and advice.

You're in safe hands with My Business Mum!


Why I’m good at what I do…

Kay has been helping people with their business for many years.  To the extent that her friends all call her “My Business Mum”.  So when it came to the point where she was made redundant from her Investment Banking career of 20 years, it made sense that she should call herself “My Business Mum”.

It reflects not only Kay’s caring and nurturing nature but that people feel safe and that she is like the person you can turn to for advice and guidance with just about everything!

Kay started life as a Trainee Accountant and has been in Banking IT for 15 years, plus other large corporates.  She has spent many years helping people set up businesses and also manage small and large teams and programmes.  Using these skills as well as her ability to communicate at all levels gives her unique abilities that people seek out.

Kay has a wealth of different skills that she will utilise to help you as much as she can.  So if you would like some help with your business, then either give Kay a call or drop her an email and I am sure you will not regret it!

Member Testimonials

  • Prepared a really professional website, very quickly and at a very reasonable cost. Highly recommended!
  • Kay is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is always on hand to offer advice and with Kay you know exactly what you will get. Honesty and information you can rely on and in whatever capacity you need her for she will always deliver. I have asked Kay for personal help and advice and she was on hand when I really needed her. Thank you Kay.

What I do

  • Website Design Mobile Websites
  • Business Advice Coaching and Training
  • web design and marketing
  • Alternative Therapy

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