Why I’m good at what I do…

I really enjoy helping business owners to increase sales and grow their businesses by making the most of LinkedIn. It's amazing the impact that LinkedIn is having on how people sell. Personally I get a lot of my international clients through LinkedIn enquiries, UK clients from customer referrals and Bristol customers through networking. I'm confident that 4N will help me grow my business, alongside Linkedin and my other sales and marketing activity.

I started my business, Wurlwind, in 2009 as Social Media was going mainstream. It's been an exciting few years during which I've met many fantastic people, learnt loads, and helped many business leaders, owner managers and sales professionals to understand, use and get great results from Linkedin.

I say this is my 4th career, after 25 years in corporate sales, initially selling and supporting IBM mid-range systems (AS/400), then business systems into financial services companies, then online marketing systems. My first gave my presentation about the Internet way back in 1995, highlighting the impact it could have on business.

I've developed a sales methodology for key account sales that brings together the key sales activities with LinkedIn and Social Selling to provide a joined-up approach. I know there are many 'quick fixes' and 'bolt-on' techniques being promoted, but many people are looking for the big picture as well, which is what I provide.

In a motoring analogy, there are some driving techniques that make you quicker, but spending time in the workshop improving the car is worthwhile in the long term.   

I've lived in Bristol for 30 years, married to Kathy, our 3 sons have now flown the nest, and we are planning more travel.

As well as talking about LinkedIn you could ask me about Roger Hamilton and Entrepreneurs Institute and Jon Ferrara and Nimble CRM.

Member Testimonials

  • Mark's LinkedIn knowledge is second to none- get in touch with him if you are at odds with LinkedIn or feel it could work better for you! He's also been instrumental in the growth of our 4N Aztec Hilton group and introduced lots of people to the network who then go on to benefit from the opportunity

What I do

  • LinkedIn training
  • Social Sales
  • Social Selling Business
  • Personal Branding
  • Linkedin Trainer

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