What I Offer…

My aim is to create legacies, long lasting images of you and your family that capture the real you, you and your families truth.  The look, a glance, a smile, a laugh, that really represent you as individuals.  To capture the uniquness that makes your family who they are.  (Family = 2 or 4 legs, skin or fur x)

I love to work in the natural environment, a place where you feel relaxed, a place that has happy memories and meaning to you.  This might be the the park, where you love to play, a special place in the countryside that you go for picnics, or even the seaside where you go on holiday everyyear - the locations are many the opportunities are endless!

You know what I love to do when I visit peoples homes? The first thing I do?  I LOVE to look at their photos that hang on the wall, nestle in a frame on the side board or languish in a photo album!  The school pictures, wedding photos, celebrations, holiday snaps, posed, candid, Black and White and colour.  Grandad in his youth, looking dashing and handsome and like a member of the mafia, not a welsh hill farmer.  Mum as little girl, with the same knowing smile, innocence and opportunity ahead of her.  

I love to look closely, look into their eyes, their smiles.  I think about who they were before they became someones mum, someones granny.  I lean in to hear their voices, their innocence, their story.  I look at them to see the story yet to be told, I look at to see the history written in their eyes.

Let me capture your story, let me create your legacy.

Sian Mercer Photography x

Based in Warwickshire, I have a car and a passport and love to travel this beautiful country, so no distance is too far. 


Why I’m good at what I do…

My name is Sian Mercer and my business is Sian Mercer Photography.

I have always loved photography, loved looking at photos and being intruguied by this art form.  I won my first camera when I was 13, which was presented in the school assembly!  This little camera went everywhere with me, on my walks through the welsh countryside and then onto nights out at university - which means there are very few pictures of me, but loads of my friends on nights out!  Capturing memories, nature and my life.  I loved learning how to use a dark room, the magic of a picture appearing in the liquid.  Getting my first 'proper' camera, a SLR, I felt like I had made it, the noise of the shutter, the feel of the camera in my hand, was just wonderful.  Photography was always a hobby, and then I wanted more from life, I wanted to give it a go... so here  I am!

I set up my business in October 2015, something I have always wanted to do.  I come from an Agricultural background, my parents are farmers in Wales, I have worked on various farms, from cows, pigs and sheep, to driving tractors and getting the harvest in!  I have worked on research projects, taught at Warwickshire College and have organised on farm events and shows at the NEC, all withing the farming industry!




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  • I can not speak highly enough of Sian's work. I have used many of Sian's photos in my promotions. Very creative.
  • Just simply love Sian's photographs! At our very busy evening 4N events, she manages to capture 'the best side' of everyone. If you've need a good photo taken of your event, or of you - Sian is defintely the best person to ask - you won't be disappointed
  • Well they say a picture paints a thousand words !!!!... dont believe it well just look at some of Sians photography simply magical. She captures so much and really love her country images, we like it so much Sian is working on a project with Smoart . Photos from Leamington evening are outstanding
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  • Family Photography
  • Family Photographer
  • Countryside Photography
  • Family Pet & Wedding photography

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