Why I’m good at what I do…

Parent and Family Coach - Its OK to be scare we are only human!!

My career has been in social care and special needs education for last 21 years. 

My thing at school was sports, I played badminton 4 times a week, football at school and tennis at weekends. I found that I was good at sports but I never thought I would be coaching sports but I did and I was good at that too. I was coaching children with disabilities and students from Oxford University. Sport coaching was something I would go into but you had to be really good at one sport and so I kept volunteering at this charity and went into childcare in youth work. Being a play worker and youth worker I found myself doing sports again. It was more then just coaching sports, we had children without special needs who had 'issues' but all you needed to do is listen to them and encourage them and they would do well.

How did I get into Parent and Family Coaching?

I went on life coaching course and thought I could help everybody. It turn out it best to have a Niche area. I thought it was adults with autism and learning disabilities but to much red tape and be honest I love to tackle it but that is new project I am looking at with other professionals as we need to re educate professional people, the goverment and all society. It something I am very passionate about but by working with parents and families with children with and without disabilities and working direct with the parents and their behaviour I can help them with their goals and mentor and coach.

What will parents stuggle with?

Everything you can think of but we want to help parents from all background from To Be Mum, to mum who have teenagers. My experienece working in social care and education has help me understand children behaviour and I have seen how children can behave around their parents. It does come down to communication and our own behaviour. I have found this out just recently having my twins and now they are 16 months and growing they are pushing myself and their daddy. I look at parents behaviour and with the coaching we ask a lot of questions but listen to the parents. The mentoring and consluting can come in at times when it need to be there but it is the coaching as we want parents to understand their own behaviour. It not to say you are or we are crap at being parents but depending what you want to work on it is best to be open for change and there is no right or wrong to parenthood. 

Push Your Limits is changing people and we want people to push themselves out of their comfort zone. 

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