Why I’m good at what I do…

Hi, I'm Jon. Chartered Insurance Broker, wonderful husband, amazing father of 2 (though I've not checked their DNA, they seem like nice people), and all round good egg.

Outside of work, I'm a Parish Councillor and enjoy battling pointless bureaucracyand red tape, though often to no avail.

I don't really get football (hence being a tentative Manchester City fan) but find with the Wigan office I'm getting sucked into Superleague. My sport of choice includes an engine and 4 wheels (though I've made the exception for Formula E). I may have fallen out of love with F1 (though I do own one of Damon Hills race tyres from the Malaysia race in 1995!), but there is plenty enough Motor Sport around with BTCC and club racing. One day I might even get back behind the wheel on a track...

Otherwise I enjoy walking in the hills around Glossop, and further afield when I get the chance; and drinking real ale. Two things that go hand in hand!


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  • Jon is superb at what he does. He listened carefully to our needs, seeking to understand our business and efficiently put in place the cover we needed. Can't recommend him enough.

What I do

  • Commercial insurance
  • Risk management

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