What I Offer…


who is ActionCOACH? • We are the world’s number 1 business coaching firm • Established in 1993 • We have over 1,000 offices in 50+ countries • We coach over 10,000 business owners every single week  

how does it work? Whether you want to build your business, create a more dynamic team, or systemise your business so that you can be confident it can run effectively without you necessarily needing to be there, coaching will help you achieve your goals.  Having a coach means you: •  Have someone experienced to brainstorm with as a fellow business owner; somebody    who understands the psychological challenges you face as a business owner. •  Work with someone who isn’t blinded by the industry norms and can give a true outside    perspective. •  Remain accountable to a pro-active mentor who will make sure you work ‘on’ the business not just ‘in’ it. •  Have access to practical knowledge that your coach has, in relation to the development of strategies to improve all areas of your business. •  Have the benefit of using the ActionCOACH systems that have been developed over 22 years through dealing with businesses all around the world. In addition your coach also has access to the knowledge and experience of every other coach in the 1,000 offices worldwide to call upon.  •  Have someone who will keep you motivated to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve with your business.  

what do you get from it? By utilising ActionCOACH’s proprietary sales, marketing and business management systems, I will not only show you how to increase your business revenues and profits, often quite dramatically, but also how to develop your business so that you, as the owner can ultimately work less and achieve more. Your coach will help you: •  Increase your turnover, margin and profits •  Turn marketing into an investment rather than an expense •  Recruit, motivate and retain a winning team of employees •  Put systems in place that provide consistent results  •  Find more time for family, friends and other interests •  Ultimately have a business that can run without you   

Why I’m good at what I do…

Who is Steve Saunders?

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and results orientated professional with a proven track record

Develops excellent business relationships through good communication skills, honesty, integrity & empathy

Has a strong desire to help others and make a difference

Dedicated to results and encourages you to explore all possibilities by testing, analysing and measuring the efforts and outcomes

Creative and enterprising person who relishes challenges and always strives to help others gain effective results through tactical and strategic planning.   

Wealth of commercial experience especially within sales and marketing inside a successful retail Franchise model

A committed family man, Steve practices what he preaches and carefully manages his work life balance, so he can spend quality time with his wife and three demanding young daughters.


 Personal Attributes:

As a fellow business owner, I understand the courage, determination, skill, self-belief and sheer hard work required to establish and grow a profitable company.  As an ActionCOACH I am focused on creating world abundance through business re-education and totally committed to helping you to achieve your goals and realise your dreams in your business and personal life.

Steve’s Mission as a Business Coach:

As the business environment becomes increasingly more complex, Steve’s mission is to help business owners create more time, build better teams and improve their profit margins. Using the right tools, with the right attitude and an open mind you can achieve the results you want and build a profitable, sustainable and long lasting business. As with any good coach, Steve will have high expectations of you and hold you to account. In return, you can expect the same level of commitment from him. 

Helping you to build Competitive Advantage:

Collectively with both my business knowledge and ActionCOACH’s proven systems, you will have the essentials and confidence you need to grow your business

What I do

  • Business Coaching and Consultancy and training

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