What I Offer…

I am one of the UK’s very first accredited Divorce and Breakup Coaches and am passionate about navigating you through the legal and emotional rollercoaster of divorce. 

What is Divorce Coaching? 

Divorce can feel like you have been hit by a bus and that you have lost all identity with feelings of failure and shame. Divorce coaching can help you with the following challenges during the process…..

– Should I stay or should I go?

– How do I initiate divorce or how do I respond?

– What forms do I need to fill in?

– How can I afford a divorce?

– Who will accompany me to court?

– Dealing With A Broken Heart

– Betrayal and cheating spouse 

– Knowing your boundaries both now and in the future

– Conflict

– Abusive relationships

– Children and Divorce 

– How to co parent and parallel parent?

– Feeling stuck

– Rebuilding your confidence 

– Rediscover your identity

– Learning to love gain 

– Design your ideal partner

– Creating a new future 

– Getting back out dating

– Being a rockstar single parent 

– New partnerships and blended families

– Dealing with exes


I will help you learn a wide range of specific techniques and strategies to enable you to cope better and move forward in your life feeling more positive and confident and YOU feeling in control in the divorce and breakup process. Plus assisting in the legal process potwentially saving you thousands of pounds as I am also a McKenzie Friend. I use practical exercises and positive psychology to help people realise that divorce can be a catalyst for a total life redesign 

Why I’m good at what I do…

I am part of the UK’s very first group of accredited Divorce and Breakup Coaches. I combine my experience in coaching, Positive Psychology and my own high conflict divorce to help people recover from the emotional and legal aspects of divorce. With a wealth of experience from coaching to counselling, I help people through traumatic and difficult situations through both the emotional and practical aspects. I help others not just bounce back after a divorce but bounce forward whatever their age or circumstances. I have many aspects to my coaching with proven practical tools and strategies and after every coaching session, you will be given an Action Plan to keep moving forward. 

My own divorce cost over £8,000 and I realise not everyone will have the money to start proceedings but  they still want peace of mind about the divorce, the children and finances so I offer a McKenzie Friend service to empower you to take control of your own divorce process from start to finish helping with paperwork and attending court with you. 

After my own divorce in 2011, I found herself in over £70,000 worth of debt and a single mum. Having suffered years of emotional abuse within my marriage, I know first hand how tough the divorce process can be. In April 2013, I had my marital home reposessed and felt ashamed and helpless seemingly in a long dark tunnel with no light at the end of it. Whether your divorce is amicable or not, that loss of identity and confidence can have huge emotional impacts on your self esteem and self confidence leaving you wondering how you will cope, will you have enough money and will you ever find love again. I help you with all of this with proven, practical strategies.

I am super passionate about helping others by empowering them through the power of Positive Psychology, my own unique coaching techniques and proven, practical exercises that I have learnt through experience, training and personal hindsight.

I am on a mission to stop others hitting rock bottom as I did during my own divorce openly sharing my own lows I went through including depression, anxiety and self harm and total loss of identity. I help others adapt a positive mindset using positive psychology to enable them to come out the other side happier, flourishing and thriving. I help people not just bounce back but bounce forward and move them from breakup to personal breakthrough. 

I offer one to one coaching in person or via Skype, online courses and a thriving community group on Facebook with over 2700 in.  I treat each of my clients on an individual basis and strives to help them reach their true inner happiness in all aspects of life. I am regularly asked to speak in large arenas sharing my story and passion for helping others and am currently studying for a Masters in Positive Pyschology and Coaching Psychology. I have also recently become a best selling co-author of a females in business collaboration book.

I have the tools to help you answer all the questions during the divorce process from should I stay or go, to the filing of paperwork and the court process, betrayal and boundaries throught to getting back dating and finding love again. I offer a one stop shop for helping you through your divorce in all aspects so you need not feel alone.

I have a proven track record in place helping many others achieve success and happiness. She has now remarried and also has three step daughters so can help guide you through to the next step of a new relationship and a blended family and the challenges you may face with ex spouses. 

I believe divorce can be your superpower as it was mine and a catalyst to redesign your life

What I do

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