What I Offer…

What we are…

Moonflight is a small, independent digital agency in Stourbridge, West Midlands, conceived out of a merger of two pre-existing businesses. Our vision is simple - we use design and technology to create experiences people love and results your business can be proud of. We support businesses by providing comprehensive digital services – from web, hosting, media and graphic design, online & digital marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, motion graphics and print.

Why Us...

Our love for your business was born from passion, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a curiosity for advancement. We recognise your business as a whole and see the bigger picture. Your vision and our innovation make a potent paint we use to colour the future you strive to be a part of. We create the image you want to reflect so your business grows into what you want it to become. To the Moon and back. How do we achieve this? We meet you and your business. We research what needs to be done and advise on what is the best way to come about it. We get into our creativity-fuelled rocket and fly you the best results imaginable. And all that whilst keeping it personal and relevant to you and your business.


Who we are…

Moonflight has been formed to help companies make the most out of their presence and help them grow. We’ve got over a decade of international experience working with companies of various sizes – from micro-businesses and scale-ups, through SMEs and charities, to multi-million pound organisations, educational bodies and councils.


T: 01905 670001
M: 07740 068 871
E: hello@moonflight.co.uk
FB: /moonflightdigital
Twitter: @moonmadeweb
Instagram: @moonmadeweb


Member Testimonials

  • My first experience of Kon was from an upbeat, professional and positive telephone call from him inviting me to his 4N group. I could feel it was from genuine place of interest on how he could support me. Since then, Kon has become a trusted friend, has helped me greatly and is highly recommended.

What I do

  • Brand Website Design Graphic Design hosting
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)
  • Website Design Online Marketing Web Publishing
  • Branding Graphic Design & Print

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