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Would you like some help in obtaining quality clients through networking


TARKA offers a solution on a one to one basis

Why I’m good at what I do…

I have spent most of my working life in the printing industry where I was managing director of a colour book manufacturer, sadly we eventually lost out to the far east competition and the factory is now a Barretts housing site.

I started Tarka Consulting three years ago providing IT support to small businesses and have now launched Tarka TLC Business & Office Supplies

4Networking has been a blessing for me as in my attempt to network, BNI "blackballed" me on numerous occasions because of a conflict of interest with existing companies. When 4N informed me that there are no restrictions on business types I did not hesitate in joining in May 2006.

I have been Group Leader for WSM, launched Bristol, Bath,Yate, Stroud and Midsomer Norton and was the first appointed Area Leader.
I have been a Regional Leader since October 2008

I have a number of new clients thanks to 4N and I have changed many of my suppliers to 4N members and have made many new friends.

My thanks to Brad Burton for this.

  • Big John Raine - 4Networking legend 1st generation 4Networker. The original wild goose, he's too old to retire. Has been with 4N since the very early days when 4N had just 3 groups. A genuine friend and father figure to this thrusting young turk. 100% reliable and trustworthy. At my home office, I use Tarka Consultings offline backup system to store all essential 4N documents offsite. Don't wait till your harddrive fails to do something about backing up. contact BIG John today. Highly reccomended!
  • I've been using Tarka Consulting's online backup system for some time now to perform a daily incremental backup of my most important files. An excellent value 'insurance policy', it's a doddle to set up and operates automatically in the background (provided your computer's on and connected to the Web). To anyone who does not have an offsite backup regime in place I say get it sorted now as it's too late when you've had the flood/fire/burglary/etc! On a personal level, John is a helpful, friendly, approachable man and all-round 'good egg'!
  • Big John Raine - one of the 4N ' Wild Geese' 4N Legend, all round great guy and a real pleasure to know :-) He's friendly, thoughful, helpful and always there at the end of the phone when you need him ... The world is a much better place for having friends like John Raine in it :o)
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  • What I do

    • office supplies
    • help networkers obtain quality clients

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    Last online 29th Oct 2018
    Member since 31st Jan 2008
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    Meetings attended 768

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