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Big visual impact!

Think of all the countless brochures and leaflets that get tossed in the bin without so much as a glance, all the countless websites that turn people off instantly and have them looking elsewhere within seconds. It's an amusing thought isn't it? Actually, no, it's not - not when it's your stuff that's being ignored and rejected.

It’s a competitive world out there, and the way your marketing materials are presented can, quite simply, make the difference between interest and no interest; between sale and no sale.

Extrabold is here to help you get that interest, and those sales, by improving the quality of your company’s visual presentation with a top-notch creative design service of the kind the big boys and girls have, but without the matching price tag.

From the ‘humble’ logo, right through brand identity, printed and electronic literature, the Web, presentation and display graphics, signage and vehicle livery, and more, you too can have that consistent professional gloss across any or all of your visual media that will give your message the right feel and emphasis, and get your business noticed and remembered for all the right reasons.

Not only that – a revitalised visual identity can give a tangible boost to morale and pride within a business, and that’s not to be underestimated.

Before engaging a design company though you’ll want to see the standard of work you can expect from them – check out the online design portfolio to see what Extrabold has done for others.

You’ll find working with Extrabold an absolute delight too – guaranteed:

“Every project will be a positive, uplifting experience for the client, where they always have control of the direction, budget and final outcome.”

So, get started on giving your message Big Visual Impactget in touch today (all consultations are free and without obligation to take them further). It will make a real and positive difference to the way the outside world sees your business.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Right, here goes...

I was born in the mid '60s in Bristol in the West of England (home of phrases like "Gurt lush!", "Werrzit to?", "Our muh'la kill I!", "'Ow biss, me awd cocker?" and "Thee's got'n werr thee cassn't back'n 'assn't?"), and I'm the youngest of eight.

When I was three our house was compulsorily purchased and demolished to make way for the M32. I grew up on an inner city council estate and had a pretty good childhood, all things considered.

Two out of the three schools I attended have now been demolished and the third has been extensively remodelled, but I'm not paranoid or anything.

My first job: 1984, in a small full-service advertising agency in central Bristol starting as Junior Production Assistant. One of my first duties was in the role of Voucher Clerk, a bod who checked all the clients' printed ads, cut them out, stuck them in a book and sent ('voucher') copies of the publications to the clients.

To avoid boredom setting in, and widen my experience as much as possible, I made it my business over the next four years to learn as much as I could about print and press-ad production.

A few years later, having become all too familiar with publications such as 'Werkstatt und Betrieb' and the 'British Journal of Urology', I finally gave in to the creative urge that had always been there and left to pursue an HND in Graphic Design at Somerset College of Arts and Technology, Taunton.

Leaving SCAT with my HND at the start of the early 90s recession when there were precious few jobs around, my design career had a slow start, and the next few years were a patchwork of freelance work and temporary jobs in what was then known as 'desktop publishing'.

At one point I took the chance to join a three-month Prince's Trust Voluteers scheme which focused on team skills and community work. It was an incredibly positive and galvanising experience, huge fun, and I'm endebted to it for many reasons. I'd thoroughly recommend the Prince's Trust Volunteer scheme to any youngsters needing a sense of direction or for personal development.

After that followed two permanent graphic design posts in small design consultancies, which allowed me to really hone my skills and broaden my experience.

In 2006, sensing the time was right, and feeling qualified and experienced enough to do so, I decided to have a shot at running my own business - Extrabold was born, although at first it was called Touchpaper (ask me about it sometime!).

Interests? Well, a major hobby of mine for many years has been amateur dramatics - I was a long-standing member of St Paul's Players in Bristol, taking roles of actor, director and even, on one occasion, writer. Allied to that I also helped out acting-wise with a local film group called Bristol Film and Video Society, including playing the title role in 'Clarkson', a film about one man's part in the campaign against the Slave Trade.

I'm also into music and the arts in general.

I've never been much of a sportsman but I like doing active stuff - things like hiking (10-15 miles is just fine, even better if there's a pub!), swimming, running, tennis, skiing - although not all at the same time if I can help it.

Think that's about it. If you're still awake, many thanks for reading this far and WELL DONE!

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  • After seeing Tom Lawrences email signature I knew I wanted one too, Paul created something just more perfect than I could have imagined, thank you
  • I met Paul at a recent networking event and was impressed with his varied and unfussy designs. I discused with Paul my ideas for rebranding. I had an idea of the general feel and style I was looking for, but was happy for Paul to be creative. Abosultely delighted with result! Thanks
  • Paul, Really appreciate the great work that you did in taking all the words I used to describe my business and turning that into a great logo! Thank you Laura
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