What I Offer…

Shout Spark & Go Limited is a design and print business bringing you a wide variety of design and print options for cost effective prices. We believe what we offer is critical to your business success and as such we should not, like many do, charge crazy prices for what we do. We ask for a fair amount for a fair job.

Special Offer
£300 gets you 
1x logo  |  1x roller banner  |  500x premium business cards |  500x flyers  |  all designed, printed and delivered

Websites from £250 (We also work closely with a company "met through 4N" who offers Search Engine Optimisation, so we can build you a low-cost website and then working within your needs and budget help to get your site OPTIMISED).
Logo creation
Full branding for your business
Social Media set-up
Business Cards

So we now focus on small businesses who need our assistance with all types of design from print to digital.

We have also created programmes for companies / organisations and schools for FREE, we do this by selling advertising within the publication to match the main message that the programme is all about. 

One of our main customers is Educational Life C.I.C we produce an A5 magazine for them 7 times a year and its purpose is to service the schools in the local area. Reporting on the local schools and what great work they have done. Offering readers a great opportunity. Educational Life has been developed over the last few years, Previously called School News now covering Thanet, Sandwich, Deal, Canterbury, Whitstable & Herne Bay.
Click Here for a copy of one of our magazines, Offering readers news from around the schools, info for parents, competitions and fun pages

Educational Life offers advertisers two things, targetted advertising to parents of children from the Canterbury and Thanet areas with a 35,000 distribution and an opportunity to be introduced to the school's decision makers in the areas mentioned.

Did you look at the School News link? Would this format of publication be useful to you in your business as a prospectus or newsletter or catalogue? We do that too.

Why I’m good at what I do…

My name is John Turner, Creator and Co-Owner of Shout Spark & Go Limited and I have been in the marketing profession for over 10 years working in advertising sales and design.

Originally from Liverpool but now located in Thanet with an office in Canterbury and Broadstairs, I started working on my own project in 2012 after leaving one of the local newspapers because they relocated their offices. Our customers are mostly from Kent, many focused around the Canterbury and Thanet areas.

In my role as Marketing and Communications Director I am the face of the business and I am the one who goes out to networking groups and has meetings to try to help our brand grow. I am able to explain how we can help to grow businesses and how we can achieve a really long lasting impression on the people.

My WHY is two fold 
1, My family - everything I do is to make my family have as good a life as possible and with 5 children ranging from 4 - 18 years old this is, at times, hard work.
2, Educational Life was created as a labour of love offering the schools a good news outlet, I am so fed up with the papers and the news on TV reporting on 80% bad news, 15% sport and 5% other which might include the odd story that is good news. There is loads of good news out there and we are trying to do our bit to get some of it out into the world.


Logo Design
Advert creation
Innovative Ideas
New business development
Marketing strategy
Dealing with change - (Have you read 'who moved my cheese' by Dr Spencer Johnson) A must read for anyone who has issues with making the changes necessary in their lives! 

Having worked in many different environments I am able to help lead my business forward with my eyes open.

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What I do

  • Web Design & Development
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Brand Website Design Graphic Design Print
  • Advertising & Marketing in Print and Social Media
  • Business Cards to Brochures

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