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What is Aloe Vera?

There are over 200 varieties of Aloe plants in the world but only about six of them are recognised for their healing qualities.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant of the "Liliacae" family and is related to onion, garlic and asparagus. True Aloe is often referred to, amongst other names, as:

  • The Burn Plant
  • The Dietary Plant
  • The Healing Plant
  • The Medicine Plant
  • The Wonder Plant
  • The First Aid Plant
  • Heaven's Blessing
  • The Plant of Life
  • The Potted Physician
  • The Single Bible
  • The Silent Healer
  • The Wand of Heaven

The variety of Aloe that FLP use is the "Aloe Barbadensis Miller".

Why buy "Forever" Aloe Vera?

"Forever" is the world's largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products. The company was founded in 1978, and it dedicated to producing quality products which can help people.

Rather than adding just a few drops of Aloe Vera to our products, "Forever" starts with the pure, fresh, 100% Aloe Vera and adds small amounts of other ingredients in order to preserve the Aloe and to aid in the absorption and application of the various formulations - eg lotions, shampoos, skincare products.

The number one ingredient in all our products is 100% Stabilisied Aloe Vera Gel.

"Forever" grows all its own Aloe Vera, harvests it by hand and processes it in its own processing plants within hours of harvesting.

Above are just some of the reasons why "Forever" Aloe Vera products are the most effective you can buy... at any price!

About Margaret and Richard Croucher

After 20+ years in the Education "industry" we decided to set up our own independent business, helping others achieve their dreams.

We were not enjoying our work/life balance and decided that we would like to take control of our lives.

We decided that, to achieve a successful and secure future, we needed to take control of our own destiny and we now work in conjunction with a company called "Forever".

We are passionate about our business and believe it gives us a truly remarkable future where we can work part-time and enjoy a full-time income giving us time, to share with family and friends, to follow our interests and to build a secure future and, eventually, retirement.

Please take a few minutes to explore what we're doing and get a feel for our business. Look at what we have to offer you and whether it might match anything that you're looking for…

Why I’m good at what I do…

Music is my passion! (at least it's the only one I'll admit to here!)

As a musician I need a 'second string to my bow' so...........

Natural health and therapies is my business.

I'm a classically trained pianist and organist who spent 20+ years teaching music before seeing the light!

My degree from Southampton University was the only time I've lived outside the West Midlands. I was born in Birmingham and brought up here (and proud to be a 'brummy'!)

I'm married to Richard and we have two children - Matt (25) and Claire (23).

Matt is the one that's been attracting all the news recently! He's the now "famous" Royal Marine Reservist who, when in Afghanistan last year, jumped on a grenade to save his comrades and received the George Cross from HM The Queen in October 2008. So Matt's the 'hero'.
Claire "luvs horses". She did all her college diplomas in Equine Management and Equestrian Studies and has been to the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead with "Domino". She now works for a technologies company in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. If you need cheering-up I'll rent her out! - she has a really winning smile and a bright a bubbly personality that lights up any room!
I do a great presentation on Matt's story which will really 'get you thinking'.

I have the two businesses - my music (see www.m4music.org) and my natural health (www.freshhorizonsaloevera.co.uk) both of which are definitely a million miles from education....but I still 'keep my hand in' in the classroom by teaching on "supply" placements.

I firmly believe that life is for living to the full - and it should be fun! So if you're getting frustrated by the finer details of business and need to chill out, ring me!

Fresh Horizons now offers a range of complementary therapies and products to help you de-stress in your own home. It is also a business opportunity that you can run from home without compromising any business you currently have. It's simple and great fun and......in these 'testing times'......it provides a second income with absolutely no outlay from you! Ring me and find out!

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