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Welcome - I help successful companies, CEOs, MDs, Sales Directors, Founders and Business owners build strong management, recruit, onboard, train & coach high-performing accountable sales & customer service teams and grow sales.

At Sandler, we offer sales & management coaching, training & consultancy around the world delivering 500,000+ hours of training each year in 23 languages in 31 countries.

Maybe you have issues such as:
- Not spending enough time generating new business
- Suffering from a rollercoaster of feast & famine - too much business and then not enough
- Failed attempts at hiring a sales person 
- Poor on-boarding for clients & staff 
- Too many average performers
- A culture of excuse making
- No clear strategy for growth
- No process for recognising & developing talent
- A leadership team with no cohesion
- Struggling to achieve an acceptable work/life balance

Sales problems including:
- A lack of good inbound enquiries 
- Not closing enough new opportunities
- Struggling to get decisions from clients and prospects
- Losing out to the competition
- Discounting to win the business
- Reliance on a few key customers
- No process for growing existing accounts

Customer Service problems:
- Front-line people lack questioning and qualifying skills to uncover sales opportunities
- Failure to turn satisfied customers into loyal ones
- No process for dealing with unhappy customers
- Individuals lack communication tools to handle difficult or different personalities
- Customers lost before you knew they were unhappy

The next step is to find out more about your specific challenges and diagnosis - are we the right people to help?

Let's figure out your issues and if there’s a fit, are we the right people to help?

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  • If 4Networking is about creating strong, productive business partnerships, then Ermine wins every time. She has kindly introduced me to several of her clients and each time it has proved to be successful, perfectly-pitched and highly productive. Ermine is at the very top of her game.

What I do

  • Sales & Management Training
  • Sales & Management Coaching
  • Sales & Management Process & Strategy
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Recruitment Assessments

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