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Serenity Health is one of the successful private drug & alcohol rehab clinics in UK, offering alcohol detox program & delivering in-depth treatment to suit client’s condition. Their experts give support on anything related to drug or alcohol addiction and other process addiction. They provide full length programs for drug & alcohol detox to cannabis rehab & cocaine rehab. Visit their Drug Rehab Clinics or Alcohol Rehab Clinics anytime about your drug or alcohol addiction problems.

Why I’m good at what I do…

Director Chris Knight has been in the field of drug and alcohol addiction for over 15 years specializing in alcohol and drug rehab and detox. Areas that he devotes his understanding; is the triggers and trauma in early life that get clients to their addictive state later in life. Its about treating the underline issues that will give the best chance of success. Compassion and understanding from Chris through his own experience is something that goes a long way with empathy with those going through detox or rehab.

What I do

  • Alcohol Rehabilitation Drug Rehabilitation

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