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Our focus is keeping your vehicle running efficiently and trouble free.

Creative Vehicle Electrics

The team and has had over 25 years experience in Auto Electrics, our Business which was originally based in Southampton, where we worked on our first large contract for Hampshire County Council to install all Vehicle Light Bars. Then we designed and manufactured Vehicle wiring looms for Hampshire Police.

Bespoke Wiring Looms

Wiring looms are found in every type of vehicle.  A loom will be assembled from a quantity of wires and cables, which are usually terminated with a variety of connectors, Relays and plugs.

Bespoke Wiring looms are hand assembled and fully electrically tested, providing the vehicle with a plug and play solution.

We at HSD have the confidence and capability to work with our customers to provide a Bespoke Wiring Loom Service or if they have their own drawings and specifications we can manufacture any combination of loom design desired.

We work with the client to develop and produce the wiring loom suitable for their vehicle:

  • The customer discusses requirements and we would measure up, a diagram would then be drawn up, after this the loom is then made up and installed
  • A colour coded manual is completed showing a diagram where all the relays and wires led to. This is for ease should the vehicle need be worked on.

Bespoke looms have be made up for:  Hampshire Police, Hampshire NHS & Defence contracts.

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What I do

  • Automotive and Leisure Vehicle Products
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