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Remember the bygone days when the business of business was just that and political correctness hadn't gone mad? Lost in the maze of employment legislation? Sinking under the ever-increasing piles of HR paperwork?

Then look no further, here at R.E.A.L. People Solutions we're proud to put the REAL back into employment advice! We believe that you should be free to run your businesses, without getting bogged down in red tape, so we are ready with our tow rope to come and pull you free!

We are friendly, pragmatic, commercial and are a great addition to your team!

For more information on outsourcing your HR requirements to us, or just having us at the end of the phone on a Pay As You Go basis, give us a call on 0845 094 6242.

All 4Ners are entitled to half an hour of free employment law advice...call now!

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Member Testimonials

  • Rebecca and Real People are amazing at what they do. They take the fear and pressure out of dealing with difficult situations. Real People Solutions have helped Langtry Manor steer through some difficult HR issues as if they were just routine. Thank you Real.
  • Rebecca is enthusiastic about just about everything! Never a negative word and a pleasure to deal with. Will definitely consider RPS if I need their services in the future.
  • I met Rebecca when she was on her 4N world tour and visited Gordano. Her presentation is wonderful. I had the need to seek her advice recently and that advice resulted in a disciplinary decision being overturned. Thank you Rebecca. I shall certainly recommend you to anybody who needs the expertise you can provide.
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What I do

  • Employment law services

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Last online 14th Jun 2013
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