Why I’m good at what I do…

Hi, I'm Sarah Sienkiewicz. I am a spiritual life coach and love working with healers, therapists and coaches.

Blending practical resources (such as my Master Your Marketing In Three Weeks online course) with energising business strategy sessions, I help professionals in the Health and Wellbeing industry get crystal clear about their goals, direction, action steps and purpose, as well as the confidence to implement them.

You can download your free ebook Law of Attraction and Your Healing Business where you can discover how you can magnetically attract clients into your practice www.healingbusiness.co.uk/free

I use a mind, body and energy approach to coaching and believe that through coaching, you can face your obstacles, heal your life and move forward. I really enjoy coaching with physiology- in my experience when we tune in to our bodies and energy it reveals profound insights. Whether it's developing an action plan towards achieving a business goal or overcoming fear and doubt, my empathetic yet challenging style enables you to move forward with confidence and purpose.

What I love most about coaching is that moment when a client becomes completely clear about the issue that at the beginning of the session seemed so overwhelmingly complicated. The result is that the client feels energised, empowered and knows exactly what to do next.

►Life Coaching 
►Emotional Freedom Technique 
►Soul Coaching® Oracle card reading 
►Leading vibrant FB groups  
►Coaching workshops (developing confidence, goal setting, modern stress management)
►Writing articles and guest blogs
►Public Speaking, delivering talks
►Marketing Strategy online course

What I do

  • Life Coach Business Coach
  • Business Development & Coaching
  • Spiritual Marketing
  • Law of Attraction Specialist
  • Sales Funnel Marketing

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