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I am a born organiser, and being a rather curious creature I tend to pick things up very quickly which has served me extremely well in my career to date. Having been employed full time for over 15 years in a variety of managerial, strategic and operational posts in medium sized businesses I often found myself wearing a number of hats, from Trainer to Quality Controller, from PA to Office Manager, from HR to Facilities Management, and even web site designer. I've seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly of business. I would start a job with a company as one thing, and regularly take on more and more work to give me the variety I craved.

I set up my first business, Bizpro, in 2006. As well as offering business support services, virtual assistance and book keeping, we also offered a consultancy service on administrative process, information governance and document control. In the first month of trading Bizpro Ltd proved to be a successful venture, gaining a top London based Bank as one of it's first clients. One very busy year on and we boasted a couple of blue chip companies, several SME's, and two large NHS trusts to the growing list of satisfied clients.

In 2010, Bizpro was sold to another Virtual Assistant.

I've had a long and enjoyable time as director of Bizpro, not to mention one helluva education! I packed a lot in my time at Bizpro - I franchised the business, and took on four franchisees across the UK. I've employed staff, exhibited at Olympia, and worked with some of the UK's top coaches along with several Blue Chip companies. It's been a blast, but more and more that restless edge in me wanted to move onto the next project!

So, here it is. In November 2010 The Systems Coach was born. Drawing on my experience of business systems and processes, I'm now working with business owners on structure and strategy to get their business foundations, products, marketing and internal systems aligned to their business goals and ideals. I specialise in making business simple: it doesn't have to be hard work.

As a product of my product, my business is very simple now. I only offer one product: KISS Your Business Program: Keep It Simple and Systematise Your Business. I work directly with successful business owners to get the WHOLE business systematised, set up and running like a well oiled machine. I am the approachable coach: I don't hide behind my PC, or a massive team of people, although I do have a couple of very good assistants!).

My personal mantra is to Maximise Profit, Productivity and Presence, Reduce Input!  Next to Systems, Automation is my favourite word!

Put simply, I'm a closet geek! I love technology, all things internet and software makes me smile, the same as Tequila!

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