What I Offer…

Rather than acting as a broker or middleman, we become part of your business and work with and for you; towards reducing your utility costs, carbon footprint and ensure you are compliant with legislation.

With a wide reaching network of professionals and specialists, we are able to offer cost effective:

  • Utility Usage Monitoring and Controls
  • Unbiased and Independent Tendering for Gas, Electricity and Water Contracts
  • ESOS, ISO 50001 Lead Assessors / Implementers and CSR guidance
  • Contract Management - from paperwork, timing and making sure you are being charged correctly and for only what you really use
  • Project Management - ensuring you're receiving the best ROI on renewable and utility efficiency equipment and practices
Why I’m good at what I do…

I started working from college in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing cancer drugs - learning all about clean rooms and sterile areas along the way as well as process efficiency and continuous improvement methods. - Following the financial crash, having already been made redundant 3 times I looked for an industry that I thought would be "recession proof".

After a rocky start and some introductions to different ideas and ways of working, I finally set up on my own after working in an energy brokerage for a little more than a year. Having learned about the industry including its antiquated systems I was determined to apply some of my previous experience in process management and make a difference to the clients I work with -I was still faxing across "deal sheets" in 2009! Plus almost everything was done on a spreadsheet with no real tools to manage quite complicated processes...

Here we are, still going strong and assisting a wide range of business and charities over the years - reclaiming around £1 Million through historical invoice audits, saving £ Millions more in costs for our clients' utilities usage and finally developing a robust system that makes all of this easy to do and simple to understand.

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What I do

  • Utilities
  • Business Gas and Electricity
  • Business Water
  • Independent Consultant

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