What I Offer…

Clinical Canine Massage Therapy... reducing your dog's muscular or joint pain in just 1-3 sessions... whether that be after an injury that they are hiding from you or if they are just struggling to get up onto their favourite spot on the sofa... i can help... and at a fraction of a cost of surgery in most cases!
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Why I’m good at what I do…

800hrs of theory and practical study over 2 years, LANTRA qualified and a proud member of the Canine Massage Guild, i treat my dog customers and their owners with a #HandsOnHeart attitude filled with care, compassion and respect to provide a holistic approach to your dog's care.

Things I like…

Helping others to help themselves through positive "can do" attitudes (every step forward no matter how small should not be ignored)

Solutions not problems (speaks for itself)

learning new stuff (Johnny 5 needs input)

a good fictional movie (escapism)

a nice meal (preferably cooked by someone else)

random conversations (and with me and my mind, they are usually random)

science fiction (books, tv, films and ideas)

science fact (i love the way life works its magic in reality)

dogs and coffee (my two businesses now but i loved them before i worked for myself)

All aspects of Nature in every season (i follow a shamanic path alongside Taz Thornton)

Singing my head off (i even do sober karaoke)

Member Testimonials

  • Hayley is an absolute professional and made me feel so welcome at my first meeting. She went out of her way to help me and as a result, I felt right at home. Hayley's passion for her business and knowledge is second to none and I will be making a booking in the near future for her to treat my dog.
  • Hayley is the kindest, nicest, most genuine person I have met in long time. I wish I could hang out with her all the time because of her fantastic, warm personality. I am happy to work with Hayley and look forward to building a great team with her.
  • One of the most genuine, down to earth, inspirational & established leaders within 4N. Someone who goes above & beyond & who is my mentor not only in business but in life. The very best kind of leader who provides me with all the tools I need to be successful but who is also my best friend.

What I do

  • Hands On Heart Clinical Canine Massage Therapist
  • revital-U-coffee Executive Brand Influencer
  • Visitor Coordinator at 4N Warrington Breakfast

My Stats

Last online 13th May 2019
Member since 12th Sep 2016
Number of testimonials 3
Meetings attended 236
4N ranking 2044 in the UK

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