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I help clients get rewarded for solving technical problems, through the government's R&D Tax Credit scheme. If you would be reluctant to let your competitors walk through yoru shop floor, you could be eligible, and you may be missing out on an important and  valuable funding source (HMRC says tehy pay out an average of £50k per company per annum, and yet they say only 5% of companies actually claim,)

My background is completely in R&D and Innovation, having been a Principal Engineer with Rolls-Royce Aero Engines, Head of Materials for ABB Power Generation, and Director of Engineering for Bowman Power Systems.   I have a strong record of technology development, problem solving and new product introduction, and am  experienced in a wide range of manufacturing processes such as casting, forging, coating, machining and heat treatment. I have a BSc(Hons) in Materials Science, and hold 97 patents.

So I'm perfectly placed for my role as an R&D Consultant with randd UK, a firm specialising exclusively in helping clients calim R&D Tax Credits. So far we've never had a rejected claim, and we've made over 1600 of them, winning more £80 million for our clients.

As well as helping companies claim R&D Tax Credits, I run Innovation Training programmes and Innovation Workshops through my other company Red Curve Ltd. So if you are stuck for ideas, or you feel you are behind the curve, please get in touch

What I do

  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Business Innovation
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Innovation Training
  • Innovation process

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