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Leaving A Levels for America and the year out of travel I was looking forward to, I decided to earn some money to support this adventure.  Working as an office junior in the family business I soon found that I was getting good at things, receiving more and more responsibilty and making a decent wage... so the University plans got shelved, the traveling time shrunk and I entered the world of mortgages and salaries.  I loved what I was doing, and was really successful, becoming a Director in my early twenties.  However the penny dropped and I realised that business owners tended to make more money than business employees... so I started out on my own, building a business around my passions of Snowboards, Bikes and Surfing.  The retail world is a hard one, and I found I never had time to go snowboarding, mountain biking or surfing... so this had to change too.  It was when I was traveling again (this time with my wife) that I remembered before all this 'business stuff' happened I had wanted to be a Fire-fighter.  So, that's what I did and for 15 years I have worked in the Fire and Rescue Service.  I have been promoted and I'm an Incident Commander and I love what we do... but I always had a niggle in the back of my mind about what the commercial world had to offer and where my business talents lie (under a bushel up to this point)! 

Enter Forever Living Products and Network marketing, at a key point in my life.  Key, because I realised that my government wages hadn't kept pace with inflation.  I had effectively been getting a pay cut for 15 years.  I didn't want a promotion, promotion would likely mean a desk and not Fire Engines! I din't want to start a new business from scratch because I couldn't spare the seed investment and early operating capital expenditure, I couldn't even look to afford a franchise, it was thousands of pounds I couldn't spare.  So, I needed a free business, that was well established, with a high quality product or service, with ready made customers who would love the product and service and repeated purchase from me.  I didn't want to spend all my spare time working, I wanted very part time... but more income than an £8 hour part time job would give me. 

To cut a long story short... I got it! all my boxes ticked, I help people in three ways, in the Fire Service, with a great 'health benefiting'  product offering and a great business with fantastic opportunities for all, with no barrier to entry and no ceiling to potential.    I get to give more to my family without taking me away from them.  www.etiennepatterson.com 

What I do

  • Health Beauty & Fitness
  • Body Health & Wellness & Sports Nutrition
  • Business Advice Coaching and Training
  • Leadership Coaching and Personal Development
  • Forever Living Products Independent Distributor

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