What I Offer…

Fed up of taking PAIN killers for your PAIN?

Fed up of not being able to exercise because of your PAIN?

Fed up of not being able to sleep because of your PAIN?

Fed up with short term fixes for your PAIN?


AND … You are motivated to make a change?


I work with movement, mindset and some other little gems to get you out of pain and back where your life needs to be. I provide a full joint by joint analysis, gait assessment and get to the root cause of the problem. I will then empower you about your body and why the pain happened and how to stop it coming back. YOU GAIN BACK CONTROL!


Pain is a terrible indicator of where the actual pain is!

Why I’m good at what I do…

FUN, Energetic and a passion for getting the most from life!

Often told:  ‘if only I could bottle your energy El’  – well trust me I’m working on it, I’d make a fortune!


Sparkling, Intelligent red head with a zest for life. Loves skiing, cycling, Pilates and generally all things outdoorsy.


Seeks like minded networkers to start her mornings the way they should – with energy, laughter and a spring in the step for the rest of the day.


If you think you fit the above, I’d love to hear from you!

Member Testimonials

  • Awesome Ellie! After about 30 years of back pain, Ellie worked out in one session where it stemmed from. We're still working on it but my posture has improved drastically, with bespoke exercises, and I am on the way to being pain-free! Ellie is so genuine in wanting to help others!
  • Fabulous talk today from Ellie, absolutely loved her energy it was incredible, cant wait to meet up again! Thank you 4N for connecting me with the most amazing people love it! xxx
  • Ellie is absolutely AMAZING and SO much fun to work with! A total expert in her field, Ellie's techniques have helped me hugely in just one session . I loved my time spent with her and would whole heartedly recommend her. A genuinely lovely, warm lady passionate about helping others.
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What I do

  • Health Fitness Pain Relief and Coaching
  • Health Fitness Pain Relief
  • Health Fitness Exercise Fit Pro/ sport therapy
  • Health wellness and fitness
  • Health Fitness Exercise Fit Pro

My Stats

Last online 25th Jun 2018
Member since 20th Oct 2016
Number of testimonials 5
Meetings attended 66