What I Offer…

I use the Tools and Processes of Access Consciousness, a vibrant dynamic  ENERGY  modality. to change lives. 

There are many facets to choose from, Bars, Body Processes, Verbal Processing and I use my intuition as an empath to tailor it to the clients requirements.

I call my sessions Exponential Chaos

Exponential = very fast : increasingly rapid
Chaos = removing the constrictions of order to allow us to be free

It is the ROLLS ROYCE of energy therapies.
No two treatments are the same, people with similar problems respond differently.

I offer Individual in person sessions where I sense what is most beneficial for you and your body - running Bars, Access body processes & use verbal processing
Sessions can also be conducted effectively byPhone or Skype, where I sense what you and your body require 
Distance healing is also available. We arrange a time and we connect energetically.. 

I work countrywide, distance is no object.

Often at weekends and occasionally in the week I can be found at Mind Body and Spirit Events, or Pamper Evenings and Charity soirees playing with the magic.doing Taster Sessions at reduced prices.

I am an Access Bars, Facelift and Body Process Facilitator which means facilitate you to know that you know

I train at many venues and am always willing to travel.if you would like me to arrange one.



Member Testimonials

  • Listened to a very intersting 4Sight from Chrissie yesterday, followed by a little treatment from her. Thank you, my wrist movements feel less restricted now :-)

What I do

  • Alternative Therapy
  • Holistic Energy Coaching
  • Personal transformation
  • Health Transformation

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