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GROW YOUR BUSINESS: by taking the calls you would otherwise have missed when you're busy with clients, on another call or working on a project . You won't miss any more potential new business.
SAVE TIME: don't let the phone interrupt what you're doing - return calls when your Time Management plan allows not just because the phone rings. And we filter out the cold callers at no charge.
IMPROVE YOUR IMAGE: think how impressed callers will be that you have a team of Receptionists answering your calls from 08:30 - 18:00 Monday to Friday!!
SAVE MONEY: our service will save you over 90% of the cost of hiring a new member of staff to do all this (and save you the headache of dealing with illness, holidays, national insurance etc etc). You only pay a small share of the cost of your PAs.

AND if you're a member of 4N you can take us for a Two Week Free Trial
Call us on 01793 862000

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One life. Live it!

& if you need any help along the way, gimmee a bell.

Member Testimonials

  • Thoroughly professional service from Denis. I haven't taken up the call answering service but will do in the very near future. However, Denis set up my virtual number to be diverted to my mobile and in the space of a couple of hours I was up and running. Denis, I promise I will be back for the answering service shortly!
  • The best thing I ever did for my business was divert my phone to Kendlebell.... They now look after my 3 businesses and I know that I am not missing calls. A business who doesn't answer their phone, doesn't get business. Simple as that. Thanks all at Kendlebell Swindon.
  • I tried kendlebells free 2 week trial. the service I got was very profesional. And although I haven't taken up their service Yet (as the trial highlighted that I don't miss many calls at the moment) I would recommend the service, and may use it in the future. Many thanks to Denis, Karen & all their team.
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What I do

  • Telephone answering service

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